Our Mission

At Astral, we are passionate about turning science fiction into reality. Our cutting-edge technology is designed to bridge the gap between the imaginative world of sci-fi and the practical applications of today, making the extraordinary possible in everyday life.

We formed this company to make autonomous robots available to everyone, whether you want to use our hardware or build your own, whether you want to program your robots or just operate them without any coding. So we made a Drone App Store with Fleet Management, with an open-source quadcopter built from off-the-shelf parts to use it; and then we added autonomous AI to make the fleet more capable and easy to manage.


Use our drones, or use your drones with our fleet management, or contact us for custom robot software and hardware.

Contact Us

For partnership inquiries, please reach out to us.

howItWorksIcon1Connect their drone to the system via WiFi.
howItWorksIcon2The drone can be added to the user's account and managed using the Astral platform.
howItWorksIcon3You can use the Astral app to view and manage their drone execution missions, and analyze the data collected by the drones.

One of the key features of the Astral platform is its mission planning and execution capabilities. Users can create complex mission plans that include waypoints, flight paths, and other parameters, and then execute those missions using their drones.

How it works as map