Developer Guide for AS-01 Drone Integration

Welcome to the AS-01 Drone Developer Guide. This comprehensive document is designed to assist you in creating applications for AS-01 drones and seamlessly connecting with our user base. Our software operates seamlessly with Python 3.8 and MAVROS, offering a robust platform for developing cutting-edge drone applications.

MavROS with Python

To illustrate the application of the functionality and utilization of the MavROS service, please refer to here. Our system requires ros-melodic

Adding the Application to the Website

To integrate your application into the Astral platform, navigate to here. and click on the 'Upload a New Application' button. On this page, provide a comprehensive explanation of your application, outline the accepted payment methods, and carefully select relevant keywords to enhance discoverability for users. Fill in the requisite fields with accurate and detailed information.

Upon completing the necessary details, it is imperative to compress your Python code into a zip file. Subsequently, upload the compressed file to the Astral website. This streamlined process ensures that your application is seamlessly incorporated into the platform, ready to be accessed and utilized by users. Your commitment to providing clear, concise, and informative details about your application enhances its visibility and usability within the Astral ecosystem.

Sample Applications

To provide insights to our developers, we have shared several sample applications developed within the Astral framework on our GitHub page. On this page, you will find applications such as takeoff & land and arm & disarm, with more in the pipeline and explore a more detailed usage of the Astral library. If you wish to review our sample applications, we invite you to visit this address

Thank you for choosing AS-01 drones. We look forward to seeing the innovative applications you develop on our platform. If you have any further questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team. Happy coding!

Library Integration

When preparing an application for AS-01 drones, it is imperative to include the following script to integrate our library:

from AstraLog import AstralDroneLogger
reader = AstralDroneLogger()



Testing drone applications in real-world environments can pose significant risks (as evidenced by prior incidents which need not be elaborated upon). Therefore, employing simulation environments for testing purposes is strongly recommended. To facilitate this, we have developed a virtual platform designed to accurately simulate the behavior of our drones. This platform serves as a safe and efficient testing ground for developers to assess the functionality of their applications. Below, you will find instructional videos detailing the download process for accessing our simulation environment. You can install VM application from and follow the instructions in the video below. Thank you for selecting Astral as your platform of choice. You can find the Astral VM image here