The Open AI Drone Ecosystem

7 min read

Do you remember when AOL tried with its walled garden to compete with the Internet? Or when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone and said there will never be an App Store? There are benefits to a closed, proprietary system, but less so in the robotics industry of heterogeneous devices and software, when an open ecosystem is crowdsourced to be greater than what any tech giant can build on its own.

For example, PX4 is a popular robotics platform, with many features. It's focused on human pilots, but we at Astral apply its strengths to autonomous robots. Before flight, you can configure your drone and set the flight path with QGroundControl. And it works for many robots, not just quadcopters, not just flying robots, and not just robots you buy from us. (We also support PX4's competitor open-source platform, ArduPilot).